Learn to make Video Games (and everything that goes with them)

We are the School of Future Arts, and it is our mission to train the young (and young at heart!) in all the skills necessary to make video games, the highest artform of the next generation, including coding, music, and digital visual arts.

Ours is a digital age, and computers are the wave of the future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the information technology job sector will grow by 12% in the next decade, outpacing the rest of the job market. Computers are the path to a satisfying career.

Computers aren't just work though, they're fun! In recent decades, video gaming has arisen as a leading form of entertainment. For that reason, learning about video games is an ideal path to learning valuable skills.

Video games are more than fun; they're the highest artform of our time. Every scene in a game is a painting, and every character a sculpture. Video games now feature plots which rival the narratives of anything from novels to movies. They feature music and sound effects of all kinds, and they do all of this on the back of code which integrates the simplest maths and the most complex physics. There is almost nothing which can't be learned through video games.

It is our goal to teach a generation the skills of all the parts of this artform. We hope you'll join us!

From our studio in Clarkesville, we are able to serve all of Northeast Georgia, including Habersham, Stephens, White, Rabun, and Banks counties and beyond. We have students from Clarkesville, Demorest, Cornelia, Baldwin, Mount Airy, Cleveland, Toccoa, Clayton, and even from the Carolinas!